The Manufacturing Process

Here is a rare glimpse inside Trion's manufacturing process. Although the process is standard within the jewelry industry, it is an exacting sequence of steps. Trion's world renowned labs pride themselves in making sure every detail is adhered to and precisely carried out.

The creative process is put into action during the preliminary planning stages. Once a design has been created, the artisan then configures the design, which is first modeled out of wax. The design is placed in a cylinder along with liquified plaster, then placed in a vacuum machine. This machine removes air from the plaster, which is crucial for the piece to keep its shape. At that point the cylinder is placed in the furnace to evaporate the wax.

Gold is then measured by karat weight and melted for the molds, at which time it is shifted into the mold and immediately immersed in cold water. Consequently, the plaster is disintegrated in the cold water, leaving the gold to retain the shape of the original mold .

The design is filed until the surface is smooth, at which point the karat mark is stamped into the piece. It is then polished to perfection by buffing wheels. After meeting Trion's extremely high standards, each stone is hand selected and set into place. The last step is to clean it in an ultrasonic machine or a jet of hot steam. This provides the radiance and brilliance that jewelry lovers the world over have come to expect from Trion.